Digital technology

We work with our clients to help them invest in the right digital technology and then ensure it is successfully introduced to the market

Our digital technology and digital transformation services:

Our methodology combines industry knowledge, market research, expert opinion and data analytics to ensure maximum success.

  • Testing consumer and business interest in emerging technology
  • Developing successful applications, both tailored and ‘off the shelf’
  • Usability assessment of emerging technologies, including:
    • – Smart Homes
      – AI Voice
      – Robotics
      – Augmented Reality
      – Blockchain
  • Thought leadership regarding the impact of emerging technology and digital transformation
  • Strategies for business success using emerging technology
  • CX and customer support requirements for successful adoption of emerging technology

Emerging technology and customer service

“For it to have a bright future and to prove the naysayers wrong, emerging tech needs great customer support whether by phone, e-mail, chat or online. This entails immediate answers, empathetic answers or sometimes long answers to reassure customers about these new innovations.”

Davies Hickman