Customer and market understanding

Customer insights and market analysis

Using a range of qualitative and quantitative market research and analytics techniques we perform in-depth market analysis to uncover powerful customer insights


Our customer insights and market analysis services:

  • Exploring customers changing needs and the drivers of buying behaviours
  • Creating customer segmentations to target sales and marketing
  • Analysing and designing customer journeys
  • Understanding brand perceptions
  • Communicating insight through data visualisation and dashboards

We work across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the USA.

We believe that great customer insights and market analysis underpins:

  • Launching new products and services that excite customers
  • Building brands and generating good quality sales leads
  • Delivering customer experiences which motivate and retain customers


  • C-level and expert interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Customer forums
  • Customer journey design
  • Usability UX studies (web & App)
  • Social media listening
  • Mystery shopping
  • Observations in the field


  • Consumer, business and employee online surveys
  • Mobile research (inc GPS linked)
  • VoxPops
  • Tracker surveys (brand and customer)
  • Voice of the customer studies

Advanced Analysis

  • Segmentation
  • Conjoint and MaxDiff
  • Market sizing
  • Driver analysis
  • Drivers of CSAT
  • Key trends and drivers
  • Behavioural science
  • Speech and text analytics


  • Infographics
  • Interactive dashboards
  • White papers, e-papers
  • Videos
  • PPT
  • Gamified visualisations
  • Insight rooms