market research company

Why we’re different

As a market research company, we believe that data is the only sensible basis for decision-making; but data comes in many forms. We are experts in building, analysing, synthesizing and visualising customer research, wherever it comes from.

Market Research for Data-Driven Insights

We truly understand 21st century consumers using the latest research techniques, such as social media, mobile and online panels, neuroscience and behavioural economics, as well as traditional methods including focus groups, online surveys and ethnographic studies. We supplement our primary research with a wide range of external data sets and relevant data from our clients.

A highly experienced market research company

We stick to market segments that we understand very well – financial services, housing, energy, technology, telecomspayments, contact centres and retail. This allows us to match the right data to the right business problem and, often, to bring previous learning to bear on new projects.

We’ve worked with over 50 household brands on assignments in the UK and round the world, but we’re small enough that our highly experienced directors – Marcus Hickman and Jo Davies – manage the work.