Financial services market research

Data-driven decisions

The past few years have been challenging to financial services. Brexit, the banking crisis, the PPI disaster, changing regulation in the life and pensions industry have all required focus. Yet digital technologies, including Fintech and Insuretech, have the potential to be just as disrupting.

Our clients benefit from our innovative customer research and data analysis tools to drive successful business decisions in business strategy, marketing, sales, customer service and HR functions, including:

  • Understanding customer behaviours to develop Fintech and Insuretech innovations
  • Developing digital channel strategies to improve sales and service CX
  • Operationalising customer insight to improve CX across all channels

Great data and perspectives, this has really helped us think through our channel strategy

Digital Director, Insurance Company

Financial services market research

Brands that have prospered through the turmoil have one thing in common: they understand their customers better than their competitors. This doesn’t happen without access to the right data needed to build the right new propositions that meet consumers’ changing needs.

You can see some of our Financial Services Research case studies and clients below:

“Banking and insurance providers are improving their relationships with consumers. Consumers appreciate the efforts of banks and insurance providers to offer advice and to spend time with them explaining products and service and much of this improvement in relationships is down to the success of digital technologies – apps, online services, web-chat, social media and more. Despite the clear benefits that technology offers their customers, financial services firms need to be aware of the growing challenges presented by the digital consumer. Financial services providers continue to need to balance burgeoning digital and channel demands from consumers with the need to control costs and to be secure.”

Based on Davies Hickman Partners research, when we were delighted to help BT and Avaya with their financial services Thought Leadership Programmes.