Energy Market Research

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These are fast-changing times in the oil, gas and marine markets. Politicians are prioritising new sources of energy and strict regulations are forcing industries to make major changes in how they buy fuel for power, manufacturing and transport. Meanwhile, the fracking revolution in the United States, which has shrunk the cost of locally produced oil and gas by 75% in less than a decade, is attracting envious looks from European manufacturers locked in to expensive energy import contracts from unstable regions and has inspired the UK to issue licences for fracking for the first time.

More uncertainty exists as to where the greatest opportunities are for IOCs, NOCs, independents and service providers globally. With engineering advances, new classifications, and technical and operational changes, there are new challenges for the managers of offshore, maritime and onshore oil and gas assets. Success is shaped by environmental constraints, and having the most effective supplier relationships, third party expertise and knowing where and how to deploy IT systems can have the greatest impact.

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