Innovative market research is essential for the best business decisions. We use a combination of proven qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as new behavioural and digital research to source the best insights for our B2C and B2B clients.


Data comes in many forms. We are experts in applying analytical tools for building, synthesizing and visualising customer and market insight. Our passion is creating impactful recommendations that shape our clients’ business decisions and success.


Across technology and telecoms, financial services, housing and payments sectors, we enable our clients to make the best business decisions in product and proposition development, technology investment, CX innovation and B2B marketing communications.


We equip our clients so they can respond to and meet their B2C and B2B customers’ needs. Our training programmes, for managers and their teams, use employee and customer analysis to build a vibrant customer-focused culture and business success.

Enabling business success for our clients using innovative market research, data analysis and training

Since 2007, we’ve helped many leading brands…

Davies Hickman clients


Customer insights and market analysis

Understanding your customers and market demand (B2C & B2B)

  • Exploring customers’ changing needs and the drivers of their buying behaviours

  • Creating customer segmentations to target sales and marketing
  • Analysing and designing customer journeys
  • Understanding brand perceptions
  • Communicating insight through data visualisation and dashboards

Value proposition and new product development

Growing your business revenues

  • Identifying opportunities arising from technological change (eg Internet of Things and Smart Service)

  • Building propositions and new products
  • Generating new product and service concepts
  • Providing evidence for new propositions through testing
  • Building business models with pricing strategies

  • Using behavioural economics to support customer decision making

Thought leadership for B2B content marketing

Providing insight for B2B content marketing and lead generation

  • Providing research and data to underpin content marketing
  • Building your brand’s thought leadership reputation
  • Creating compelling data visualisations – infographics, videos and dashboards
  • Developing case studies, award entries and white papers
  • Supporting social media communication strategies
  • Conference presentations to industry audiences

Customer experience management and innovation

Managing and improving your customers’ experiences

  • Increasing customer satisfaction, NPS or reducing customer effort
  • Optimising customer experience measurement
  • Innovating customers’ experiences and planning change
  • Analysing complaints and undertaking root-cause diagnosis
  • Managing customer facing employees’ ease (ESE)
  • Deploying customer services standards

CX training for sales and service

Operationalising CX insight and strategy to maximise success

  • Sales training in B2C and B2C to understand the customer context
  • Using data and insights for training
  • Facilitating CX programmes to drive improved customer satisfaction
  • Delivering customer forums to enable assessments and improvements in customer journeys
  • Assessing process driven interactions and personalising customer interactions

Emerging technology and digital transformation

Maximising your success with emerging technologies

  • Testing consumer and business interest in emerging technology such as AI, robotics, smart home tech, augmented/virtual reality and smart service
  • Developing successful applications, both tailored and ‘off the shelf’ for supply chain success
  • Usability assessment of emerging technology
  • Thought leadership regarding the impact of emerging technologies and digital transformation
  • Strategies for business success using emerging technology

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