Financial Services Research

Financial services research

Data-driven decisions

The past few years have not been kind to financial services. The banking crisis was followed by the PPI disaster and a significant increase in regulation. More recently, the ending of the compulsion to buy annuities on retirement is disrupting the life and pensions industry. Yet personal financial services products are vital to the health of the UK and its consumers.

Financial services research

Brands that have prospered through the turmoil have one thing in common: they understand their customers better than their competitors. This doesn’t happen without access to the right data needed to build the right new propositions that meet consumers’ changing needs.

You can see some of our Financial Services Research case studies and clients below:

We’ve helped a number of well-known financial services brands get new ideas to market including propositions focused on the over-50s. And we’ve helped providers keep their service costs under control while maintaining high levels of customer experience in everyday contact and complaint handling.